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Automated business, hands-free so you can have more fun and freedom with...

The Ultimate Business Blueprint!

In this blueprint you will learn:

-The most lucrative path to building a 1 to many business
-The enrollment method that converts 9 out of 10 leads to clients
-The easiest way to automate your business and enjoy more free time
-You will also learn the most important client attracting marketing must haves

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Does this sound familiar?

You attend a transformational workshop or invest in a great online course or training program and even with the best intentions, you lose momentum when it comes to implementation, so you don't get the results your were hoping for out of your investment.

You leave the workshop feeling on top of your game and ready to implement the training right away!

A no brainer, right?

Well, not so fast...

Too often, when we return to our everyday lives and are no longer in the supportive community, the follow through becomes difficult.  Inevitably, there is some technology decisions and investments to consider, not to mention the learning curve associated with the various platforms!

EZ Funnel Formula - Automated Evergreen Marketing Campaigns by XpanZion

Remind you of anyone?

Many heart-based entrepreneurs feel like they have to do it themselves to keep it affordable, so they embark on the solo mission to learning how to build a website that sells with marketing that converts...

This is the #3 massive mistake heart-based coaches and entrepreneurs make that keep them frustrated and overwhelmed by technology...and how it negatively impacts their clients!

We call this Lone Wolf Syndrome.

Lone Wolf Syndrome is the condition many heart-based coaches face when working on building their business and setting up their websites and marketing funnel.  This is where they try to do it all themselves because they feel like they can't afford to hire help.  Heart-based entrepreneurs are caring and compassionate and that openness can occasionally lead to being taken advantage of.  Because of that, they are skeptical that they can find a heart-based web master that they can trust.

EZ Funnel Formula - Automated Evergreen Marketing Campaigns by XpanZion

Did you think all web people were geeks who seem to speak a foreign language?

It is important to understand this mistake of being a Lone Wolf so you can stay focused on your unique gift and bringing massive impact to your tribe. Many heart-based coaches are actually doing themselves and their clients a dis-service because they are not able to spend the appropriate time to get their online presence right.  Doing your website work yourself risks losing clients before they even know what you do or how you can help them.

Are you turning people away before they even give you a chance?

Lone Wolf Syndrome is like Joe, from the "Meet Joe" video on the Ultimate Business Blueprint download page, deciding to do all of his tech setup himself without  any help!

Can you imagine?

Joe spent an absurd amount of time researching materials, watching training videos and investing in all the tools he needed to do the job.  With blood, sweat and tears, Joe strung together his software and felt a sense of accomplishment for doing the job himself and saving money but when a piece of his system failed it all fell apart.  Joe could not see the imperfections in his work which made him lose the clients he wished to serve.  As time went on, Joe lost a lot of business because of his amateur system, which took him a lot of time and work to put together.  One day, Joe found out about a done-for-you professional solution and decided to check it out.  Joe swallowed his pride and decided to save himself the headache of running his own system so he signed up.  The team he hired stepped up with all the right tools, strategies, skills and a plan to make Joe's automated evergreen marketing campaigns smooth and  attractive.  In no time, Joe's business was growing again.

How many hats are you wearing in your business?

This is not giving up control of your business.  Joe had a hard time giving up control of any aspect of his business.  He realized that his time and efforts to build and manage his own marketing funnel were a drain of energy, time and money!  He realized that he could get better results faster by getting a done-for-you solution so he could stay focused on his mission and serving the clients he loves!  When he hired professionals with the right tools, strategies and experience to get it done right the first time, he had more time to focus on the things he does best and his business ran smoothly.

EZ Funnel Formula - Automated Evergreen Marketing Campaigns by XpanZion

Are you ready for a team to help you make your business grow?

By avoiding the dangers of Lone Wolf syndrome, you can delegate duties you are not so good at and focus on communicating your message and bringing your transformational lessons to more people who need your help.

"For the strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack."- Rudyard Kipling


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