Dear Space Cadets, 

Great news for the New Year!!!! 

The initial alignment meeting for the IDSP Business Academy proved great results because I just got back from Santa Fe and I have in hand the "Certificate of Incorporation" Document for the IDSP Business Academy. 

I hope that you are as excited about this as I am because non-profit status will allow us to function on an academic model and better serve the community. The possibilities are limitless and it proves the kind of results from when a few good minds get together and agree on something.  

We will be officially be considered a "Chamber of Commerce" with a mission to support economic development in Albuquerque.

The IDSP Business Academy is now accepting new members and all current Space-Port-Pros accounts will be considered "Charter Members". 

Membership includes a professional software platform and hands-on training and workshops for contributing members, scholarship members and interns.

The training programs will consist of classes and exercises offered in a tier of 4 consecutive programs: 

  1. Foundation: Entrepreneurial Mindset

  2. Foundation: V-Business

  3. Intermediate: V-Business II

  4. Advanced: V-Business III

Whatever your industry, these programs are essential for efficient business function, sustainability and growth.    

Each program will have series of sections that together, bring the members to relative competency and then to specific mastery. 

An associated worksheet for each section will assist cadets in becoming familiar with their universal control panel and how to get the best use out of it, for their business.  

Worksheets will be send out via email to contributing members. 

Each section will provide skills and principles that will support the more advanced sections. 

Completion of all of the sections and worksheets of the full Marketing Mastery program will produce the result of advanced Marketing Mastery with the most leading edge business and marketing strategies in play today. 

Member orientation and open lab will be on Saturdays.

Workshops and advanced classes will be on weekday evenings and on Monday and Friday mornings. We will progress through the course sections in a practical sequence. Workshops and classes will also be announced via email. 

I want to mention that the most valuable benefit of Academy membership is your fellow members. Browsing the Member Directory and coming to the networking lunch meeting at Vibrance Restaurant at noon on Thursdays is the best way to find new clients, partners and referrals.

Access the member directory here!

I am looking forward to helping you exceed your business goals this year! 

Warmest regards, 

Ghandolff the Grateful 
Marketing Mentor: IDSP Business Academy

P.S. We are offering a special rate for new members who enroll in January. Ask about our New Member Special and how it can immediately improve your business.