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Social Media Superstars

Join our Social Media Superstars team on Fridays from 10am to noon.

This week, we will focus on blogs and how they help in building lists, provide social media content and drive sales.

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Water Efficiency Workshop

Join IDSP Business Academy Member Alex Newman for an educational Water Efficiency Workshop following the Xeriscape Council of New Mexico's 2017 Land & Water Summit!

Alex will be educating farmers and home owners about the 3 massive mistakes made that waste water and money and how to avoid them!

Call Alex at 505-715-3112 or RSVP on the MagTec Event Page:

Member NEWS

Christi Rein featured on Go Local Boom Radio

Monday, February 13

Christi Rein is owner of Health Coaching by Christi Rein and uses a wholistic approach in helping people live healthier lives.

Check out Christi's interview with Go Local Boom Radio to learn more!

Also, visit Christi's website:


Help Members Ranking

Kiva House Buyers

Roy Sell is a former Realtor and Property Manager, turned full-time Real Estate Investor.  Melissa McCurley is an Interior Designer and a Realtor, turned full-time Real Estate Investor.  —Together they have bought and sold millions of dollars worth of Real Estate and more importantly provided creative solutions to people's toughest Real Estate Problems.

Visit Roy and Melissa's website:


February Class Schedule

Friday, February 16

Contact Management 101

Noon to 2pm

Friday, February 23

Calendar 101

Noon to 2pm

Friday, March 3

Lists 101

Noon to 2pm

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