Misti Patrella is a certified Experience Product Creator and a Motivational Business Coach. She prepared a special kick-start training for entrepreneurs who are afraid or feeling stuck. 


Get Out of Stuck & Back Into Action! 

Getting to the top of the mountain is such a trek that sledding back down seems like backtracking.  

Highlights of this training: 

  • Prepare your offer. 

  • Define and set your 90-day sales goals with a number attached to it. Be really clear on what you want to do in next 90 days. Then Set goal aside. 

  • Create a fun plan to help you get there.  When making the plan, think of a fun way to get there. 

  • Brainstorm ways to get in front of candidates and find some ideal clients. 

  • Survey audience for feedback. 

  • Disengage from the work if you're feeling stuck. 

  • Implement an accountability program

Special offer 3-Month Accountability Coaching for IDSP alumni with bonus 1-hour action-plan strategy session  

registration at http://mistipatrella.com/theprosperityproject/

Questions about her 90-day accountability coaching program offer: misti@coachmisti.com 


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