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IDSP Business Academy


Traffic Driver’s School E-Course with IDSP Academy Instructor Alexia Schlueter

Albuquerque non-profit adds another world-class course led by experienced lead generation specialist

Albuquerque, NM: Today, IDSP Business Academy, an Albuquerque based 501(c)(6) non-profit business league, announced a new e-course: Traffic Driver’s School, presented by the Academy’s newest instructor, Alexia Schlueter. Traffic Driver’s School is a 4-Week E-Course that will train how to use social media to get qualified leads to schedule consultation calls. The course will begin February, 2019.

Of the company’s new E-Course, IDSP Business Academy Director of Operations Ghandolff the Grateful said, “This Traffic Driver’s E-Course that Alexia [Schlueter] has created is truly all you need to know about optimizing your social media presence and using social media to generate qualified leads so you can fill your call schedule more easily.”

To get to this momentous 4-week E-Course, Alexia is combining all of her industry experience to deliver the elements most entrepreneurs are missing:

  • Most entrepreneurs do not get results from social media marketing and do not know how to use social media to their advantage. Traffic Driver’s School delivers advanced social media strategies to help with online image, visibility and getting more engagement from social media activity.

  • The reason social media is not working for most entrepreneurs is because they do not know how to write marketing in a way that connects with their ideal clients; or entrepreneurs hire someone to help with their marketing, but there is a disconnect between their mission and the messaging their marketer writes. Traffic Driver’s School teaches how to write marketing in a unique style that will attract more ideal clients. With engaging media, more qualified leads will schedule consultation calls. Alexia will deliver her Traffic Driver’s School E-Course from the Academy’s website:

About IDSP Business Academy: IDSP Business Academy is a Business League providing enterprise software, leading-edge marketing strategies and live training classes, workshops and labs.

Meet Alexia...

Alexia Schlueter, CEO at Alternative Health Digital, is a highly sought after Lead Generation Specialist and Marketing Engineer with a rapidly growing following.

Over 10,000 connections eagerly await her marketing tips, articles, live streams and business coaching.

Alexia is in a unique position to scale Wellness practices, as she understands deeply what motivates clients to heal using Alternative Medicine and Holistic techniques and how to get them into your gym or clinic.

In addition to receiving an Engineering Degree from the University of California, Berkeley, she is also a Five-Star Rated Healer and Internationally Acclaimed Bowen Therapist.




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