Is 20th Century Technology harming your ❤ Heart-Based ❤ Business?

#1 Massive Mistake Heart-Based Coaches make...

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How does technology make you feel?

Have you ever struggled or hesitated to make a decision when it comes to using technology to grow your business?

EZ Funnel Formula - Automated Evergreen Marketing Campaigns by XpanZion

We see it happen too often when heart-based entrepreneurs decide to take the next step in growing their business.  If you're serious about your business, you inevitably have to get online and use software applications such as website hosting, contact and list management, mass email and surveys, e-commerce, plus more if you plan to do live events or webinars!  Just the research and the learning curve for various programs can cause feelings of overwhelm. This makes decision making and taking confident action tricky.

This leads us to the #1 massive mistake heart-based coaches and entrepreneurs make that keep them frustrated and overwhelmed by technology...and how it negatively impacts their clients.

We call this #1 mistake...

Indecision: The Deer In Headlights Effect

You know, when you are struggling to make a decision and there are so many services to choose from and you feel frozen, like a deer in the headlights, you can experience feelings of anxiety, from the indecision, it can be a big distraction and it can keep your business from growing!

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As a Heart-Based Entrepreneur you want to reach a wider audience, and affect massive change with your unique gift, and you know the internet marketplace is the place to do that.  You know that you are great at what you do, but expanding your business with technology can be overwhelming and freeze you in your tracks which  can also affect other areas of your life.  You feel paralyzed and this can affect your emotional state.

Can you relate?

Experiencing the Deer in Headlights Effect is like getting recognized for your expertise in the company you work for and being asked to do a presentation for senior associates.  You might feel comfortable in your current role and in meetings with your department peers, but speaking in front of larger groups with your superiors in it might put you into shock.  You might be so nervous you can't get your data points organized and give a clear presentation simply due to fear of being in the spotlight, alone.  We're all human and it's common to get stressed under pressure and let one's self to be run over by feelings of failure, doubt, inadequacy, confusion, etc. 

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What kinds of decisions do you struggle with?

The Deer in Headlights Effect does not cause uneducated decisions, it's a paralysis caused by no decisions at all and wastes time while getting nothing done. 

It is important to recognize if you are experiencing the Deer in Headlights Effect, that hesitating to make improvements in your communication, connection and delivery can cause you to lose business from clients that you could have otherwise helped.

Are you open to alternate perspectives?

In a state of overwhelm, it is possible to overlook a perfect opportunity, even when it lands right in your inbox.  Being in a state of indecision or confusion makes it so you cannot hear wisdom or act on good advice.  This means you stay right where you are and cannot grow your business.

EZ Funnel Formula - Automated Evergreen Marketing Campaigns by XpanZion

Is this the year that your business takes off?

By recognizing the Deer in Headlights Effect, you can remind yourself about your goals and the people you want to help to get your bearings for making a decision that is in alignment with your mission.  When you know that you are ready to take your business to the next level and expand your reach and the numbers of people you can help, it's important to delegate the more menial tasks, like your tech.

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