Mad App Disease...It's an Epidemic!

#2 Massive Mistake Heart-Based Coaches make...

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Has anyone in your life ever tried to give you some advice that just felt limiting, constricting or old-age?

A parent?

A partner?

A well-meaning friend?

A television personality?

EZ Funnel Formula - Automated Evergreen Marketing Campaigns by XpanZion

Has anyone made suggestions for what pieces of technology you should plan to use to expand your business online? (social media, SEO, youtube)

In today's world, there are countless volumes of popular apps that online entrepreneurs are stringing together to run their businesses and marketing strategies.  

As your business grows, it seems to make sense to add the next software subscription that comes along. The problems with this approach is that managing a bunch of business applications requires numerous log-ins and paying separate fees for everything.  It takes time and energy to put it all together and if one piece fails, your whole system crashes!

This leads us to the #2 massive mistake heart-based coaches and entrepreneurs make that keep them frustrated and overwhelmed with technology...and how it negatively impacts their clients!

We call this mistake Bright Shiny Object Obsession

This is an obsession because more and more, people are living on their phones and using dozens apps to do specific aspects of their business.  

In an effort to build their online business at a rate they can afford, most heart-based coaches and entrepreneurs get started with free services until paid services are required.  When they want to do more, they reach for the next app which is only a short-sighted band-aid that stretches a business thin and not a long-term sustainable plan.

EZ Funnel Formula - Automated Evergreen Marketing Campaigns by XpanZion

Is your business a hobby or are you planning on being in business a year from now...five years?...ten years?

It seems convenient at first, but to build a "professional" business with the Multi-App Approach spreads your data and your thinking thin which can drain your energy and defeat the purpose of automation.  

When the data loss, wasted time and constant tinkering becomes too much, Bright Shiny Object Obsession can lead to a more painful condition we call...

Mad App Disease

It's an epidemic and  everyone has it. Unfortunately, when do-it-yourself minded entrepreneurs like Joe find themselves spending too much time and energy fidgeting with technology, the apps become a distraction and they can lose focus on their mission and serving their clients. Attention span shortens, thoughts get spread too thin which often causes feelings of frustration and overwhelm.  Joe realized that building his own online marketing funnel had taken him away from the service and clients he loved. It even took time away from his family.  He noticed feelings of resentment because his business was costing him valuable relationships!

EZ Funnel Formula - Automated Evergreen Marketing Campaigns by XpanZion

Can you relate?

Bright Shiny Object Obsession and Mad App Disease are NOT the way of the future.  They are results of stringing together a plethora of miscellaneous third-party apps; what we call "Flintstone's Technology".  But that's not how things work in the professional world.

The wave of the future is is here and we would like to welcome you to the "Jetson's Era" where complete, professional, integrated software is readily available and sets the standard. An era where everyone has access to software that seamlessly manages not only automated marketing campaign stragegies, drip course delivery and product delivery sequences but all of the essential business features needed to run professional companies like, accounting, expense tracking and payroll. Mature Enterprise Software actually provides the foundation, structure and the features necessary to enable a sustainable business expansion plan. 

Until now, this kind of enterprise software, capable of high level automation was only available to large corporations who could invest huge sums of money for data migration, configuration and training.  With EZ Funnel Formula, XpanZion is bringing complete enterprise software to the heart-based transformational community to enable them to build their tribes and make a bigger impact on the world.

Are you ready for a total paradigm shift?

Understanding the implications of Bright Shiny Object Obsession and Mad App Disease can help you to avoid frustration, overwhelm and possible burn-out in the future.  We acknowledge your strength in finding your purpose and your desire to build a profitable business doing what you love.  Your gift is important for causing the transformation our planet needs, but stringing together an unstable tree of amateur third-party apps will only slow you down and frustrate your mission.  

EZ Funnel Formula - Automated Evergreen Marketing Campaigns by XpanZion

Now what about your marketing assets? 

The tech by itself is not enough. It's really only in place to hold the marketing assets that represent your mission and your service. Assets like your logo, tagline, mission, color scheme, etc. Even just getting your marketing assets clearly specified can seem like a mystical science. So we created this Marketing Assets Checklist to help you make sure you have everything you need to design a high-converting automated funnel.  

Save yourself a ton of work and Download this Marketing Assets Checklist:

With a complete list of marketing assets and a working automated system, your ideal clients will take notice and enroll in your programs and, you can be sure that you are giving your visitors the best possible experience, growing your tribe and reaching the masses with your message.

There is an EZ way to do this...

We would love to save you time and energy! If you need to be enrolling clients online but don't want to lose momentum getting caught up in the tech, you can get our professional team to install your marketing assets into a professional Software system and deliver your first automated evergreen campaign within a few short weeks so you can focus on your goals and reaching the masses with your message in a few short weeks.


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