6 Ways to Earn Experience Stars!


Come to Class

See you on Monday!

2 Stars per Week



Get  your star at class!

1 Star per Worksheet

Complete your weekly assignments

1 Star per Week


RSVP For Class

RSVP Now >>

1 Star per Week


Pic with Worksheet

Group/Solo Pics @ Class

Selfies with worksheets from remote location shared on social media count if tagged

check-in or tag: @abqidsp

#abqleapweek3 - ie




1 Star per Week


Social Media

Like us on facebook now

Follow us on linkedin now

1 Star/Week for Sharing ABQ LEAP events from abqidsp social media pages

Check-in Mondays @ 10 @7413resonantessentials

remote check-ins count if tagged...

tag: @abq idsp

1 Star/Week for Check-in


Bring a Friend

Bring a Friend to Class

5 Star BONUS!

Earn up to 8 Experience Stars per Week!

Attend Class - 2 Stars

RSVP for Class - 1 Star

Complete Live Training - 1 Star

Picture with Worksheet - 1 Star

Complete Assignment - 1 Star

Share Class on Social Media - 1 Star

Check-in to Class - 1 Star


Bring a Friend to Class - 5 Star BONUS

Friend Joins the Program - 10 Star BONUS (Awarded at the end of the semester)

Facebook Live after class - 2 Star BONUS

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